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Fandango De Tango, Nov 26-30, 2014

Join us as we celebrate our 16th Annual Event!

Our event will be held at the downtown Omni Dallas Hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas. Our event is chock-full of dancing, learning and entertaining. Our Master teaching staff will impress you in their classes and in their performances. We are so proud of the caliber of the event we organize for you, and we are humbled by the warm welcome and sincere feedback from all of you. We offer over 87 hours of Tango Dancing Fun including 36 hours of Social Tango Dancing!


Regular Registration Is Open!

You can sign up for the whole enchilada or a day pass or even just the Milongas.
Get registered now at our Registration Page.

15th Year

We've added a Tango Tenderfoot Track & DJ Classes!

Ten•der•foot: someone who has just started doing something; a newcomer
Here's your chance to learn from one of Buenos Aires' best imports. Marcelo Solis will be our guest teacher for this very special track of Beginner lessons. Marcelo runs his own Tango studio in the San Francisco area, fondly known as the "other" Buenos Aires for it's spectacular Tango dance scene.
Marcelo will also be our head DJ and will present some special classes on being a better Tango DJ.
We're thrilled and honored to have Marcelo back in Texas as it's been over 10 years since we had him at Fandango De Tango. We can't wait to share him with you.

2012 Highlights

We're real excited about our 16th Annual Fandango De Tango.

It's not too early to start planning for Thanksgiving 2014… the countdown has begun!
We're expecting this year to be bigger and better than ever!
Each year we find ways to make the event more and more exciting. This year we have several exciting surprises up our sleeves and we can't wait to share them with you. Our event will be held at the downtown Omni Dallas Hotel

2012 Highlights


Here's a highlight reel. Take a look at one of our previous events!

See a highlight reel and enjoy a little taste of what you could be a part of this year.