2014 will be our 16th annual Fandango De Tango.

Over the last 18 years we've organized over 53 tango events and brought the best coaches of Argentine Tango to Austin and now Dallas.

The Fandango de Tango was started in 1999.

It was designed to give a feel for the type of tango festivals that were being held throughout the country. It started in our studio with Fabian Salas and Luciana Valle as our instructors. Each year, we've seen the Fandango grow. What started as a small hometown affair has become an international event.

In 1999 we had 2 teachers at Fandango.

We've had up to 16 teachers in one event. However, we still strive to give you the feel of the original event. Our main concern is to provide an organized event where you can immerse yourself in the Tango.

At the Fandango you'll be able to almost literally "dance your shoes off" while making lots of new dance friends.

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