Fabian & Lola

Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert

Dancers, choreographers & masters of Tango Argentino, they have been a couple since 1998. Their impressive scenic interpretation & expressive capacity are received with enthusiasm worldwide. They are judges at the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires. They have been part of some of the largest and most important tango festivals throughout the world. Their ability to teach their students has made them one of the most desired couples in the Tango realm. We are thrilled to finally have them here at the Fandango. Visit their website.

Carlos y Mayte


Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes

They have performed in many different Tango shows traveling throughout Europe, South America, and United States. In December 2007 they formed part of the cast of the company "Forever Tango.” In September 2009 they joined the company "Tangueros del Sur" performing throughout the U.S. Mayte and Carlos have been together teaching and performing since then. Visit their website.


George & Jairelbhi


George & Jairelbhi Furlong

Recognized for their musicality, George and Jairelbhi Furlong have performed and taught in cities throughout the United States, as well as in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and are seen as one of the most promising Argentinge Tango couples of their generation. Visit their website.

Jorge y Milena


Jorge Nel Giraldo & Milena Buitrago

Jorge Nel, AKA Mr. Tango, is one of the best at salon tango and is recognized for his Milonga interpretation. He is one of the pioneers of Tango Festivals in the United States. The city of Miami proclamed May 15th as Jorge Nel Day for pioneering tango in Florida. He's been teaching and dancing for over 30 years and has performed in films starring Harrison Ford, Al Pacino and Celia Cruz. Milena has represented Colombia in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires. She was a cast member of Danzarte Tango Company. She travels the world with Jorge Nel teaching and performing their Milonguero style. Visit their website.

Marcelo Solis

Marcelo Solis

In Marcelo's beginner classes he will guide you into the beauty of Tango music, how to interpret this music with your body, how to enter into the dance floor and stay there while you dance. He will guide you into the embrace of your partner, into the society of the milonga (Tango dance party), into the culture of Tango, and into the city of Buenos Aires.. Marcelo will also be our head DJ for the Fandango and will be giving us some DJ classes, too. Visit his website.


Mark Sakowski

Mark Sakowski

Mark is a very versatile DJ and loves to play for dancers! He has been DJ'ing primarily for Argentine Tango events the last 10 years but has tons of experience DJing for west coast swing, Lindy, hustle and ballroom competitions. In 2013 Mark won the "First Annual Tango DJ Contest" in Somerville, Massachusetts. Visit his page.








Fabian & LolaPhyllis Williams

Phyllis Williams has been a prominent Tango teacher and DJ in the Dallas, TX area having been in the Argentine Tango scene since back in the 1990's. She teaches with her dance partner, Darryl Gaston, and also holds a semi-weekly Milonga. Her philosophy entails developing a deep connection between the couple while delving into the intriguing discovery process of Tango. Her musical selections are varied but always allow you to have fun with a friend in the dance of Tango.
Visit her web site.

Fabian & Lola


Candice White

Fandango is such a special occasion in the world of Argentine Tango. You are all dressed up with someplace to go and you want a memento of the evening? Professional portrait photographer Candice White will capture the look and feel of the evening with an image of you or you and your partner decked out and dolled up for the world to admire. Candice will keep it simple and quick: She'll shoot several photos, you can take a look at them as soon as she is done shooting, then select the ones you want to keep. She'll retouch them and email them to you within 5 days. What you'll get are JPEG photos that are big enough to print as 8x10s. Candice will even provide you with downsized duplicates that you can use on social media! Payment to Candice is due at the time of the shoot: Only $50 for the first image, $40 for the second, and $30 for subsequent images. It's a great price for a wonderful memento. Please bring cash or credit card. No cameras, please. Visit her web site.

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